System 10 Aluminium from Polyframe is a radical new design concept. It looks like aluminium but at its heart is a specially designed PVCu substrate that means System 10 Aluminium can be used in places where ordinary aluminium windows cannot.

Because of its revolutionary design, System 10 Aluminium can be specified for buildings required to meet the most stringent thermal and ecological standards. However unlike other systems currently available in the UK and Europe, it achieves those standards whilst retaining all the design flexibility and aesthetic appeal of traditional aluminium windows.

No need to compromise on design to achieve low carbon emissions. System 10 Aluminium must be considered one of the most significant developments in window design for many years.

Architects’ fondness of aluminium windows is well known. However, even more stringent requirements for greater thermal insulation and improved “green” credentials means that “pure” aluminium systems are excluded from many projects. System 10 Aluminium satisfies architects’ aesthetic requirements whilst also meeting the most rigorous thermal and environmental requirements. Only System 10 Aluminium can do that.



Not just for architects

Local authorities and house builders know the benefits of improved thermal insulation and are aware of the new statutory requirements introduced on 1 October 2010. System 10 Aluminium puts you in pole position when it when it comes to bidding for commercial work and retail / new build projects.

Money and the enviroment are two key issues for homeowners

The unrivalled thermal performance of System 10 Aluminium means no other aluminium window has the same energy saving potential. What is more, System 10 Aluminium will in most cases be more cost effective than alternative aluminium systems.

Code for sustainable homes – meet Code level 6 now!

The Government intends that by 2016 (2013 in the social sector) all new homes will be zero carbon r ated (Code level 6). To achieve that level all windows have to have a U value of 0.7W/m2 K or less. All doors to have a U value of 0.8W/m2K or less. By using System 10 Aluminium it is perfectly possible to achieve these very low U values now!


Use System 10 Aluminium to supply and install:

• Casement Windows

• Residential Doors

• Tilt & Turn Windows

• Horizontal Pivot Windows

• Top Swing / Fully Reversible


• A specially designed, multi chamber PVCu substrate that all but eliminates cold bridging.

• Foam inserts further improve the insulating properties

• Specially designed seals that prevent heat loss around glazed units and between the sash and the frame

• Reduced lead times for coloured profiles

• Single leg clip in beads

• Compatibility with other Polyframe WHS Halo PVCu systems

• Can be used to create large glazed areas and large open sashes – in this respect it equals or betters pure aluminium framing systems

• Can be powder coated in any RAL colour

• Can be manufactured to achieve a U Value as low as 0.7

• Standard U Value of 1.4, and almost any value between 1.4 and 0.7 can be achieved simply by varying standard components

• Concealed gaskets for clean sightlines

• Concealed drainage – no unsightly slots

• Accepts standard hardware that can be easily maintained

• Meets the requirements of levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes

• Fully tested to BS7950, BS8213 and PAS23 & PAS24