Polyframe Clearly Greener Recycling Initiative

As part of the Polyframe philosophy to provide all our customers with initiatives to help drive their businesses forward we launched the Polyframe “Clearly Greener” recycling programme.  Available to all customers the scheme puts something back into the environment.

Without a recycling scheme the old windows removed from a customers property would end up in landfill sites, which is clearly not an environmentally friendly solution for dealing with post consumer waste.

Old de-glazed frames are collected by Polyframe from customers premises and returned to one of our factories.  The windows are then transferred to our recycling partner and all hardware and gaskets removed.  The PVC is then cut and ground down into granules which are in turn manufactured into other plastic products such as sewer pipes, drain pipes, plastic bottles – in fact any plastic product where virgin plastics are not required.  All hardware and gaskets are also recycled once removed.