The Panelled residential door range bring elegance, individually and beauty to the home.

With a wide range of decorative glass that is both innovative and classically stylish which you will find both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This choice incorporates acrylic lead, tradtional hand crafted lead, genuine glass bevels and the latest crystal resin technology.

Key Features

• Manufactured from flame retardent PVCu
• Achieves class 1 rating for surface spread of flame
• UV stability esnures colour will not fade
• Excellent thermal and acoustic values
• Full 10 year warranty
• Toughened safety glass as standard

• A range of high quality door furniture available
– letterplates
– knockers
– spy viewers

• Choice of 4 colours – White, Golden Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany as standard.
– Various Furniture options available

• All styles are available in Solid, Glazed, Diamond Lead and Georgian Bar options.  Below are decorative glass designs.


Ayreshire AP2 G408 Ayreshire AP2 G62 Flintshire FP2 G506 Flintshire FP2 G608 Flintshire FP2 G44
Flintshire FP2 G22 Berkshire BP3 G503 Berkshire BP2 G48 Berkshire BP3 401 Berkshire (Inv) BP3 G62

Berkshire (Inv) BP2 G501

Gloucester GP3 G48 Cheshire CP2 G602 Cheshire CP2 G402 Cheshire CP2 302
Cheshire CP2 G62 Cheshire CP2 G502 Derbyshire DP2 309 Derbyshire DP2 G607 Derbyshire (Inv) DP2 304
Derbyshire (Inv)DP2 305 Derbyshire (Inv) DP2 409 Derbyshire DP2 410 Red Derbyshire DP2 G404 Hampshire HP2 G505
Hampshire HP2 G46 Lancashire LP2 G54 Lancashire LP2 308 Essex EP2 G504 Essex EP2 G62
Essex EP2 EIRD Essex EP2 G403 Essex EP2 307 Massanet MS2 Maxima Massanet MS2 Elite
Massanet MS2 Supreme Oxfordshire Georgian Bar Oxfordshire Leaded Ulster UP2 Finesse Ulster UP2 Serenade
Ulster UP2 G62 Ulster UP2 Ultima Ulster UP2 G412 Ulster UP2 G48 Ulster UP2 G405
Lennon (Inv) G46 Lennon (Inv) G505 McCartney (Inv) Glazed McCartney (Inv) Leaded McCartney (Inv) G Bar