Anyone keen to make some improvements to their home by upgrading the windows would be wise to make sure they take the time to do some proper research into the products available to them so they can be sure they’re choosing the right kind of window – and the right style that matches the rest of the property.


There are lots of different options out there, so here are just a couple of window styles and ideas you could weigh up when renovating your house this year.


Vertical Sliding Windows

Sliding sash windows first came to the fore in the 17th century and you can see them on all sorts of period homes. They use a system of weights and pulleys, although you can also invest in spring-balanced sets, so you need to work out what would suit you best.


The good news is that we’ve come a long way in terms of manufacturing, so the modern and contemporary uPVC sash windows you can buy don’t rattle and won’t be draughty.


What you will need to consider, however, is the style of your house. If you have a Georgian property, bear in mind that sash windows in such houses were divided up by lots of smaller panes of glass. But Victorian homes featured bigger panes of glass, because the material became a lot cheaper as time went on.


Casement Windows


Casement windows are easy to operate, and you can pick and choose different styles and elements to create the look you’re after. You could, for example, opt for fixed panes positioned next to ones that open – perfect if you think you need to increase the ventilation levels at home, or dummy sash windows for a uniform appearance.


Or what about a tilt and turn casement window instead? These have a side hinge in order to open, so again good for ventilation and also for cleaning and maintenance. They’re also available with a bottom hinge, so it’s just a matter of working out what you like and what you don’t.


Bay Windows


These are sometimes seen on older homes and they’re fantastic for bringing in lots of natural light. Decide if you prefer a circular bay window or one with two angled sides and a straight front, again looking at the age and style of your current home to help you make informed decisions about aesthetics.




Fully Reversible Windows


In multi-storey buildings, fully reversible windows might be the best option as they provide unhindered access to both sides of the window, which makes cleaning a lot easier. They’re distinguished by a sash that can be turned entirely inside out, boosting ventilation when open but also exceptional weather resistance when closed.


Whatever style window you’re looking for, we can help so get in touch with the Polyframe team today to find your nearest installer.

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