An image of a house in the green with energy efficiency graphFor many consumers, the idea of buying new windows or doors won’t be a lot of fun. They’ll be focusing on the practical elements of the purchase, including the cost of the windows or UPVC patio doors they can purchase, as well as how long they’ll last and take to install.

But as a business it’s worth making sure your sales team are comfortable talking to homeowners about energy efficiency and the improvements they could make to their home.

In fact, with household bills continuing to creep up, many homeowners may be particularly receptive to any information you can give them about the energy efficiency of UPVC products for their home.

This is a great place to begin the conversation. Rather than talking about the energy efficiency credentials themselves, talk instead about how much money they could save the person who is considering making a purchase.

If you’re able to demonstrate that installing new glazing and doors with a higher energy efficiency rating translates to savings on their energy bills, the customer may prefer to opt for a higher quality product. This means that over time they will make the extra money (and more) that they spend on their new windows and doors back, because of their reduced heating bills.

An article for the Bristol Post recently revealed that up to 40 per cent of the heat in your home could be lost through your windows and doors. Replacing single glazing or poor-quality double glazing could see homeowners save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills each year.

Once people are interested in the idea of energy efficiency, make sure you explain the different ratings to them and what they mean. Ideally, if they’re buying new windows you’d want them to go for an A or A+ rated product if they can afford it.

It’s important to be able to explain the difference in quality between, for instance, a D rated product and one that’s A rated. Hopefully, if your customers have decided to replace their windows, they’ll want to buy the best quality they can, so focusing their attention on the more energy efficient products shouldn’t be too hard of a sell. Plans for Energy Efficient House Concept

You may also find it’s worth learning a few other energy efficiency tips, as this can help you give a more balanced service.

The Metro recently explored some of the ways in which homeowners could be losing money as a result of not being as energy efficient as possible.

According to the newspaper, most people who are on a standard variable tariff for their energy bill could save up to 24 per cent on the cost of their gas and electric just be switching suppliers and choosing a more favourable tariff.

If a customer is already looking at replacing their glazing, they may also want to consider updating other elements of their homes. One of the places where people can make savings is by investing in a new boiler, or at the very least having their current boiler serviced.

The Energy Saving Trust’s Caitlin Bent told the news provider that if your boiler was fitted before 2004, it’s more than likely an inefficient model. As a result, you’d benefit from having a new one installed. Although this can involve a big outlay, it will be worth it in the long run.

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