YorkshMillennium Windowsire based installer Millennium Windows has stopped fabricating and is buying in from Polyframe. Millennium Windows fabricated 150 frames a week. It is looking forward to growth after unplugging its machines and plugging into Polyframe.

“The main concern for us when we looked at stopping fabrication was our customers,” says Neil Wakeman, Operations Director at Millennium Windows. “It’s difficult to predict what effect this will have. Losing control of quality and timescale could affect the service level we give them. Relying so heavily on the efficiency of another business was a concern.”

Millennium Windows now buys in Rehau from Polyframe. Although a change in profile, the choice of eight PVC-U and Aluminium profiles offered by Polyframe means Millennium Windows can choose what works best for its customers, and will help its business grow going forward.

“The key for us was choosing the right fabricator to partner with,” continues Neil. “Polyframe’s excellent service means that we’re confident we can continue to offer the same quality, with the same service level to our customers even though we’re buying in. Fabrication inefficiencies were driving our prices sky high, so this will make a big difference.”

Polyframe Group Sales Director Peter Dyson comments: “We offer fabricators the opportunity to transform their business with streamlined long term growth. We make it easy for them to buy in from Polyframe with an extensive range of profiles and materials so our customers can expand without having to look to another supplier. We also ensure they benefit from comprehensive marketing support and great service with every order.”

Fabricators thinking of unplugging their machines and plugging into Polyframe should call Peter Dyson on 01422 398 969.

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