Polyframe – Investing in the future

Polyframe has recently completed phase two of a major investment programme in new machinery at it’s Halifax manufacturing facility.

A year ago Polyframe installed an 8 head Rotox welding machine and two head automated corner cleaning line.  This has now been complimented with the addition of a new automated sash line – again supplied by Rotox.

The new sash line comprises two multi point horizontal welding machines and two in line corner cleaning stations, which enable the sash to be welded and all corners cleaned in one seamless operation.  The machines also guarantee a consistent finish and quality of product regardless of the profile, chamfered or decorative.

Chris Watson, Polyframe Group Managing Director, stated, “as the business has grown and we have become one of the UK’s leading fabricators of PVCu windows and doors we have continued to invest in plant and machinery.  The new sash line will enable us to maintain the quality which our customers expect and at the same time manage production as volumes increase.  As a business we are constantly looking at how we can improve our product and the levels of service we offer.  Without the significant investment we have made, not only at Halifax, but Norwich, Portadown and Mansfield, we would not be in such a strong position to move forward in 2014”.

Work on de-commissioning the old sash line and installing and commissioning the new line took place over a two week period in December 2013.   This was completed with minimal disruption in the factory as Polyframe utilized existing welding and corner cleaning machines to maintain the flow of orders for all customers.

2014 will see Polyframe invest in excess of £1million in new plant and machinery as the business continues to look to the future.



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