Polyframe customers can now get their doors enhanced with Ultion from Brisant-Secure. Ultion is ‘the lock that locks’.

Polyframe Ultion is 'the lock that locks'Sales Director Peter Dyson explains: “Ultion is in a different league to other cylinder locks and is the only residential and composite door lock that locks whatever you do to try and break in!

“Overall crime may be down,” Peter continues, “but there’s an epidemic of lock-snapping burglaries across the UK: 73% of burglaries enter through the door. Burglars break in by snapping the locks and they walk out with a homeowner’s valuables, often driving them away in their car if they’ve been unwise enough to leave the keys handy. Homeowners are impressed by hooks and shoot bolts, but they aren’t much use if burglars snap the lock and walk right in.

“At the latest count 17 cylinder locks have achieved 3 star anti-snapping TS007 status,” he continues, “but many still fail in less than a minute. Only three have achieved the Master Locksmith Association’s (MLA) ultimate Sold Secure Diamond (SSD) test. Ultion is one of them.”

Brisant-Secure CEO Steve Stewart says: “Before the MLA awards a Sold Secure Diamond (SSD) it gives a team of skilled locksmiths a free hand to try to break the cylinder lock. They can use any tool they like, do whatever they like and take as long as they like. If they can’t break in then the cylinder is SSD. After two and a half hours the locksmiths gave up because they could not break in.”

Peter adds: “Ultion will help our customers sell more doors by offering additional security. The only way Ultion can be opened is with its key. Brisant-Secure is promoting Ultion to homeowners via this website: www.Ultion-Lock.co.uk. Have a look. This is no ordinary lock.”

Customers can order their doors with Brisant-Secure’s flagship cylinder Ultion now. It’s a high quality, high security cylinder that provides homes with additional protection and provides customers with a powerful sales aid.

Fabricators and installers should call Peter Dyson on 01422 398969.

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