Truemans Sheffield branchSeven years ago, the leading one-stop shop trade supplier Truemans decided to stop fabricating and buy their stock in. Five years ago they switched their main supplier to Polyframe. The latest Insight Data Report states that some regional independents are seeing spectacular growth, without the need to fabricate, citing Truemans as proof. Now ordering 700+ PVC-U frames a week from Polyframe, Truemans has seen significant and consistent growth through its network of trade counters.

Managing Director Joe Trueman comments: “Polyframe’s quick turnaround and consistently high quality products are a great help to our business. We are able to be flexible with our customers knowing that we can trust Polyframe to supply on time and in full regardless of volume. They have the capacity to fulfil our changing needs with ease.”

Polyframe Sales Director Peter Dyson says: “Truemans is a positive example of a fabricator turned trade supplier gone well. It’s great that a partnership with Polyframe has supported, and will continue to support Trueman’s success and the changing needs that come with it.”

 “We have achieved large growth in the last three years,” Joe adds, “and the next five years will see even more. I look forward to continuing the development of our partnership with Polyframe, which will result in substantial growth for both parties.”

 Fabricators thinking of unplugging their machines and plugging into Polyframe call 01422 398 969

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