Polyframe have introduced the Brisant Ultion door cylinder into the range.  This unique cylinder is available as an upgrade on all Polyframe doors, including composite doors.

SSD-logoTS007 3 Star

The Ultion lock has been tested to the needs of the British Standard TS007 3 star standard, without having to be bolstered with an expensive high security handle. When Ultion is locked it is the actual centre cam that gets independently secured, not secured to the internal plug – this means that even when the key is left on the inside of the lock, Ultion is still secure.

Sold Secure Diamond

The ULTImate standard that other 3-star anti-snap locks want but don’t get. This is the rigours of the TS007 3-star but with added aggression, and tested by an MLA locksmith. The tester is allowed more access around the lock, more tools, freedom to break the material surrounding the lock and the ability to pause the clock to consider a different approach – Ultion is also tested to this standard.





Double Snap Resistance

11 Pick Proof Pins

Drill Repellent

Enters ‘Lockdown Mode’ when attack detected

Self Cleaning to stop jamming

Bumps Bumping










The unique 11 pin system makes Ultion almost impossible to pick.  This is demonstrated with nearly 300 000 key combinations.

This is over twice the combinations of a typical 1 Star cylinder and 6 pin cylinder and nearly 10 times more than a 5 pin cylinder.




If an attacker snaps Ultion, he is left only with a sacrificial end section.

A second attack leaves him with the same again, leaving the lock totally secure.



6 hardened steel anti-drill pins run through both sides of Ultion.

This thwarts yet another attack method.


If Ultion detects attack it activates a concealed attack lock directly into the central mechanism.

So even if the attacker snaps the lock twice Ultion is still secure from the outside yet fully operational from inside, with a key!  Ultion gives this protection even if the key is left in on the inside of the lock.




Locks jam when they carry dirt, debris and pocket fluff into them.

Keys using magnets can even deposit metal fragments.  Ultion’s perfectly contoured key-hole wipes the key clean as it enters the lock.




If a ‘bump key’ is used to force entry, Ultion has pins designed specifically to repel the attacker.