Green Building And Alternative Energies

The UK government views the construction sector as a significant opportunity in terms of clean growth in the country, Julie Hirigoyen, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, has suggested in an article for Building.

She noted that there’s a “commitment to maintaining its [the UK’s] world-leading position on climate change action”, and that as a result buildings and construction will be in the spotlight.

Writing for the news provider, Ms Hirigoyen cited the actions of Claire Perry, energy and clean growth minister, who has been in contact with the Committee on Climate Change to seek advice about setting a date for hitting net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

She added that Ms Perry highlighted “the global reputation of our architecture, engineering and construction sectors, and their potential for international growth by focusing on our integrated low carbon, sustainable design and construction disciplines”.

During the UK’s first ever Green Great Britain and Northern Ireland Week, which was marked from 15 to 19 October, a number of clean growth initiatives were launched.

Among them were a £106 million stimulus package for greener construction practices, with the aim to reduce emissions and promote green construction practices in developing countries; and the launch of a competition next year to design the house of 2030.

This competition will be looking for a property that is more energy efficient, designed with affordable and quality materials, and that’s easy to adapt as we age.

There will also be an industry task group developed, which will work to create a definition for net zero carbon buildings in the UK, and ultimately work with businesses, policymakers and industry organisations to find a way to develop new building standards.

It’s clear that the focus will be on driving sustainable building practices, whether for residential or commercial properties.

Planning and Building Control Today recently explained why it’s so important that builders and others in the UK’s construction industry take sustainable building seriously. It explained that a building’s running costs can be cut by a third if it’s constructed using green energy initiatives.

This can be achieved by using recyclable and long-lasting materials, making best use of natural light when designing buildings, and exploring other green construction methods.

When you are looking for UPVC trade suppliers, you should consider how the right kinds of windows can make a difference to the sustainability and energy-efficient credentials of the properties you’re constructing.

Ms Hirigoyen noted in her article for Building that there is a growing recognition that we need to act quickly to reduce our emissions – and that the built environment is one place where gains need to be made.

She stressed the importance of “clear, ambitious, long-term policies”, adding: “These must drive consistent performance towards net zero carbon in new and existing buildings of all types.”

Given the UK’s ambitious house building targets at present, it makes sense to look at ways to encourage more sustainable and green construction practices, to ensure the homes we’re building today contribute to a zero-carbon built environment.

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