Our Part L commitment

Revisions to the building regulations came into effect in June of this year. The changes to Part L have been particularly relevant in construction and the built environment, as they set the standards for energy performance and carbon emissions for all new and existing buildings.

While the government have given the construction industry a 12-month grace period to meet the new standard, it was important to us at Polyframe, and the wider Customade Group to be prepared for these changes to ensure our products can be relied upon by installers.

Managing Director Phil Walker gave the following comment back in June; “As a responsible manufacturer, we take the changes in the regulations seriously, and have been working to make sure that each product we supply to customers is compliant.

Our REHAU and Duraflex profile systems come with a Part L and Part F compliance declaration for the refurb and new build market, offering installers the confidence that they are using products and systems that meet and exceed the new regulations.”

How Polyframe ensure compliance

We have been working closely with our profile manufacturers to make sure all our completed windows will achieve an ‘A’ value for energy efficiency and the ‘U’ value required to meet the step change in requirements of Part L.

Our new Yale trickle vents are being fitted to all new profiles to satisfy the changes to the Part F requirements concerning ventilation.

For transparency, we have developed an easy-to-read guide, giving product specific information on how each of our products meet the new regulations. We have also included compliance declarations from REHAU and Duraflex profiles for refurb and new build projects.

Our guide is available for customers and installers here.

Contact us for help and advice on negotiating the new building regulations and installation expectations.