Rigorously tested, our technologically advanced windows feature outstanding locking mechanisms engineered from high-strength materials and are designed to protect your customers’ homes if under forcible attack. 

Let’s talk homeowner security

We are passionate about our products and the enhancements they can deliver. But we’re also serious about adding security and reassurance, that’s why all of our contemporary profiles are available with the Polyframe Protection Promise†.

As the best homeowner security guarantee on the market, our Protection Promise is backed by Yale to offer outstanding protection, so your customers are covered – and you can feel confident you have installed the very best.

†Terms and conditions apply.

Yale Lifetime Guarantee

World-renowned as the leading name in home security, Yale offers the very best when it comes to property protection. With our trusted range of Yale-eligible hardware, you can rest assured that your customers’ homes are professionally protected. With the Yale Lifetime Guarantee, your customers can benefit from the ultimate peace of mind that ongoing protection brings.

Your customers can even enjoy an upgrade to the standard Yale offer (Polyframe Protection Promise) when they choose a full suite of eligible Yale-approved hardware to PAS24:2016.




Rapide lock v2

Let’s talk…the revolutionary new Rapide lock by Yale

The Rapide Lock from Yale has been created with style and security in mind, and is patented by the world’s favourite lock brand. Designed with security at its forefront, the Rapide Lock offers durable protection you can rely on, as the strongest, safest and most secure window lock on the market.

Offering greater lock engagement for additional security, the innovative Rapide Lock is a game changer in the industry. It connects along the full length of the window keep for sleek and effective protection and comes with a 12-year guarantee. Key features of the revolutionary new Rapide Lock by Yale:

  • Stronger – 300% more contact than standard window locks
  • Safer – Tested beyond British Standards of extreme attack
  • Longer Lasting – Tested over 42 years of use
  • Corrosion Resistant – Tested to the most extreme weather conditions

Window security

Our technologically advanced windows feature outstanding locking mechanisms engineered from high-strength materials and designed to protect your customers’ homes if under forcible attack. 

All our windows are rigorously tested against attack and have additional upgrades available, including locking mechanisms up to 11 locking points* to achieve Secured by Design accreditation. 

Secured by Design is a UK Police initiative aimed at setting heightened levels of security and testing to reduce burglary and crime. In order to achieve Secured by Design, windows and doors must include additional security features such as hinge guards and glass retention clips. And so, our windows and doors do. 

As well as security testing, the window system has been tested to over 25,000 cycles which equates to over 25 years of use. They truly are made to last.

*When the correct Yale-approved hardware and security configuration to PAS24:2016 is installed.

Door security

Door security

Having high-performance door security features is important for the safety of your customer’s family, home, and possessions.

Intelligently designed multi-point lock technology along with advanced gearbox technology gives complete peace of mind.

  • 2 pre-compressed rollers allowing the door to seal prior to the hooks engaging for a smooth operation.
  • 2 steel hooks and 1 deadbolt to maximise strength.
  • 2 anti-lift bolts preventing the door lock being dislodged from the keeps.
  • 1 centre latch for ease of day-to-day operation, with engaging dead bolts and locks for added security.

Polyframe Protection Promise

When your customers choose a full suite of eligible Yale-approved hardware to PAS24:2016, they can enjoy the Polyframe Protection Promise† which is backed by Yale to offer outstanding protection against forced entry into your customers’ homes, making it the best homeowner security guarantee available.


As a commitment to our guarantee, we even offer up to £6500 in compensation should your customers experience a break-in by means of snapping our high-security Yale cylinder within one of our doors, or one of our Yale multi-point locking systems. Our cylinders feature a sacrificial cut, ensuring only the tip snaps off if the end is grabbed, leaving inaccessible metal ahead of the central locking mechanism.


Please speak to us to find out the full range of security options.


†Terms and conditions apply.


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It’s a fact that 67% of break-ins are via an external door. So, whilst we’ve made it difficult for intruders to get in through our doors, we’ve made it simple for you and your customers to find out more and register for our Polyframe Protection Promise, and even to make a claim, by clicking right here.