From our dedicated facility in Gloucestershire, our specialist team of technicians have honed their skills for over 15 years, working with Duraflex profiles to produce an exceptional product. Our chamfered and featured windows and doors are made to exacting standards, and with new colours to our Duraflex foil and substrate ranges, your customers can add design flexibility, whilst you enjoy cost-effective time-saving solutions.


Duraflex cutaway

The ultimate in performance

Ensuring that your customers new windows perform well is as important as looking great, so choose a window you can rely on. Our advanced double-glazed window systems have features which will keep them warm and secure whilst still looking stylish for many years.


Market-leading performance

Only the very best energy-efficient products are used to give your customers ultimate cost savings year after year.



A new generation of weather resistant gasket seal offers exceptional compression sealing – keeping your customers’ windows weather-tight without reducing performance over the years.


Surface finish

All our products are renowned for quality that provides a long-lasting, pristine appearance with little or no maintenance.


Reduced heat loss

Our window systems feature a warm edge spacer which is up to 22x more efficient at preventing heat loss around the window edge.


Built-in, low-level gaskets

Reducing the risk of shrinkage and leaving gaps over time, built-in gaskets increase the lifespan of the window, improve thermal performance and reduce noise. The low-level style also creates slim sightlines to improve the window aesthetics.


Energy-efficient design

Our multi-chambered frames deliver exceptional energy efficiency – helping to keep your customers’ home at a comfortable temperature all year round, as well as reducing their energy consumption.


High security window beading system

Not only attractive to look at, this high security window bead is ‘Secured By Design’ compliant and creates a great secondary seal against the elements.


Sculptured & Chamfered

The bright white option defines your customers’ property exquisitely, further enhanced with the availability of an ultra-slim window outer-frame. In addition, all main frame sections are supplied with a high-quality Q-lon gasket which allows higher compression and recovery rates over a wide temperature range to give the ultimate in performance, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Our 70mm system is available with 5 chambers to further enhance thermal performance.

  • Large, intermediate and slim frames
  • Window Widget bay parts
  • Run-through horn mock sash window
  • Two astragal bar sizes available
  • Grooved V welds with polished reverse butt welds on all white frames
  • Flush knife finish on foils
  • All beads scribed
  • 22 standard colours available on Sculptured profile.
  • ERA Extreme VS1/3 window locks

eZee Fit Bead

No need for fiddly glass clips, the new eZee Fit Bead system has been designed to locate securely without the need for security clips, making it one of the most secure beads on the market today. As its name suggests, it’s also incredibly easy to fit, reducing fabrication and installation time.

  • Speed and ease of fitting
  • Enhanced Security Performance PAS24 and Secured by Design
  • Save cost, time and effort by not having to use glass clips
  • Beads tighter delivering a perfect fit
  • Chamfered front leg glides easily into bead pocket

Q-Lon weather seal gasket

The Q-Lon weather seal gasket has excellent compression recovery of 99%, providing constant height at corners for improved weathering. It produces the lowest possible operating forces on gearing whilst ensuring ease of operation for your customers. And because weather performance is integral to the quality of all our systems, the Q-Lon weather seal gasket is
pre-inserted for the integrity and ease of installation.

  • Operates perfectly in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C with 99% memory recovery every time
  • Best acoustic and thermal performance across the widest temperature range
  • 99% memory recovery. Retains shape year after year
  • Low operating forces reduce wear and tear and gives ease of operation
  • Manufacturer lifetime guarantee
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Renowned for its quality and durability, our Duraflex system ensures precision engineering excellence. From craftsmanship to colour choice, Polyframe provides everything to meet your customers’ expectations. Combining the highest quality materials with our fenestration expertise, ensure a perfect finish every time.